Done on May 4th 2018 at 11:27

Hamfest Time

place: University High spokane valley, wa

address: 12420 E 32nd Ave.

Spokane Valley, wa 99216

Addmission Fee: $5

Date: Sep 29th 2018

More info at: Kbara hamfest info

UPDATED Repeater info

Thats right, the K7EMF Repeater

is now online on the KAYU fox 28 tower

Freq: 444.500 mhz

offset: plus

tone: 136.5 hz

Owner: Gary Baker - K7EMF

Repeater Info

we meet on the 146.980 mhz repeater with a 127.3 hz tone

7 days a week at 18:30 hours (6:30 pm)

Linked Repeater Info

the linked repeater is at

443.975 MHz

136.5hz PL Tone

with a + 5mhz offset

Our Net Manager is

Gabbee Perry


The GuestBook

Please sign the guestbook, thanks

when signing the guestbook, in the your name box

please put your name and call sign, thanks

Like this: Damian, WA7DGI

Google + Communities

we do have a Google+ Community

you need to have

1. a gmail account (FREE)

2. a google + page (FREE)

then search for NWTN

the Google + address for the page

is G+ page